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Gallery Folders

Varda, Queen of the Stars. by DymondStarr
Gone and forgotten by DartGarry
In the Halls of Mandos: Glorfindel and Maeglin by annamare
Maglor by EKukanova
Ainulindale ar Valaquenta
Melian the Maia (Inktober Day 13-14) by MirielVinya
Namo the Doomsman of the valar  by Aartipereira
Varda lady of the stars by Aartipereira
Vana the everyoung by Aartipereira
Quenta Silmarillion
The First Elves - Cuivienyarna by annamare
Maedhros sketch by Filat
Song of Turin Turambar (Hail to the Black Sword) by Ephaistien
Feanor by Asphaloth
Quentar Attea Rando - the Second Age
12 - Fall by Spring74
Ecthelion by Telnava
Early Numenorean Armour by TurnerMohan
Imperial Numenorean Armour by TurnerMohan
Exar - Miscellaneous
Galadriel by El-Ste
Among the clouds by El-Ste
Olorin by Mahrfra
Glorfindel by Telnava
Nyaremaire - Fan Fiction Art and AU
Aranarth by EKukanova
When Fingon Went to Hogwarts by EEHills
Hurkran - Detail by Breogan
Hurkran - 3D concept by Breogan
Nyaremaire II - Graphic Novels
Silmarillion 02 PAG16 by elencarnil
Feanor by Matinel
Beleg - Turin by Matinel
Luthien Tinuviel by Matinel
Manga and Anime
Grumpy Maedhros by Lady-Abbington
Sad Maitimo?!? by AvaAlatariel
Silmarillion by Windrelyn
~Prince of wolves~ by Mis--Kitty
Alasse - Humour
To Thangorodrim, with Pedal Harp by EEHills
Someday My Prince Will Come by YdalirWendigo
Fire-Drake by ScarlettDragon1
Family Jewels by 7hot-feanorians
Curwi - Artisan Crafts
Leaves of Laurelin and Telperion by AsliBayrak
Rubus spectabilis - Salmon Berry Leaves by QuintessentialArts
Nolofinwe and Gil-Galad flask by Katlinegrey
Bryonia, Bryony Peridot, Emerald CZ - Fine Silver by QuintessentialArts
Tanwar - Heraldry, Maps and Family Trees
The continents of Arda by SarkaSkorpikova
Larma-tyalie - Costumes and Cosplay
Utumno [Melkor/Sauron] by the-ALEF
Sarme - Calligraphy and Typography
Haleth by sipho56
Feanor colour study - animated by BohemianWeasel





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Welcome to the Quenta Silmarillion, sit yourself down by the fire and hear the stories of old.

The Silmarillion-Club is a group centered around the early events from the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien: from the beginning of time up to the ending of the II Age of Sun, described in The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, The Children of Húrin and The History of Middle-Earth

:bulletred: We do not accept art related to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit nor inspired by The Hobbit and LotR movies.

:bulletred: Let me stress it - no movie fanart.

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: Art Submission Guidelines: silmarillion-club.deviantart.c…

:bulletred: Gallery Folders:
:bulletwhite: Ainulindale ar Valaquenta - Music of the Ainur and the Story of the Valar
:bulletwhite: Quenta Silmarillion - the Story of the Silmarils
:bulletwhite: Quentar Attea Rando - the stories of the Second Age
:bulletwhite: Exar - Miscellaneous
:bulletwhite: Nyáremairë - Fan Fiction Art and Graphic Novels
:bulletwhite: Sarme - Calligraphy and Typography
:bulletwhite: Curwi - Artisan Crafts
:bulletwhite: Larma-tyalië - Costumes and Cosplay
:bulletwhite: Parma - Writings (texts)
:bulletwhite: Alasse - Humour
:bulletwhite: Tanwar - Heraldry, Maps and Family Trees
+ In the Favourites - Silmarillion related memes, sketches & WIPs

If you need help with a character's appearance check our Tolkien Illustrator's First Aid Kit
:bulletwhite: Elves silmarillion-club.deviantart.c…
Greetings, fellow members!

In order to keep our gallery organised and make it easier to navigate for other members and visitors, we’ve decided to bring back the summary page for fan fiction submissions to our Parma (Writings) gallery.
So from now on, it will be necessary to submit a summary first and independently from the main work. This summary submission will be used by admins to judge whether fan fictions comply with the club’s rules and can therefore be accepted.

** Example of SUMMARY:

    - WORK TITLE - My Silmarillion Fic
    - AUTHOR - BlahBlah of the Falas
    - GENERAL RATING: Mature
    - GENRE - Comedy, Romance
    - TIME SCOPE - I-II Age
    - RELATIONSHIPS/PAIRINGS - Maedhros/OFC, Celebrimbor/OFC, Galadriel/Obi-wan Kenobi
    - ADDITIONAL TAGS: Star Wars Crossover
    - WARNINGS - Graphic depictions of violence, Character death
    - CHAPTERS - 8 /15
    - COMPLETE - N
    - RELATED ARTWORK - (if there is any cover artwork, post link here)
    - SHORT SUMMARY: Write a short summary (just a few lines will suffice) explaining what the story is about.

Once the fan fiction is accepted, EVERY CHAPTER submitted must include before the main text, Chapter Rating, Warnings and Related Artwork information for that chapter.

**Example of Summary before each chapter:

    CHAPTER 6 - "MAEDHROS FINDS LOVE IN TATOOINE" by BlahBlah of the Falas.

    - CHAPTER RATING - GA (General Audiences)
    - WARNINGS - Graphic depictions of violence
    - RELATED ARTWORK - (if there is any chapter artwork post links here)

All this additional information will prove very helpful to admins and readers alike, and therefore worth the extra effort made by fan fiction writers.

Below you have information on Genres, Ratings, Warnings, etc... commonly used in fan fiction. Most of you will already be familiar with these, but just in case, just to get you started:

- Comedy.
- Drama.
- Parody
- Romance
- Satire
- Horror
- Tragedy.
- Tragicomedy.

LIST of RATINGS (from Archive of Our Own -…)
- General Audiences - Suitable for anyone: kids, teenagers, sensitive people.
- Teen And Up Audiences - Inappropriate for audiences under 13
- Mature - Adult themes (sex, violence, etc.) not graphically described.
- Explicit - Adult themes with graphic sexual or violent content  

- Explicit Sex
- Non-Consensual Sex/Rape
- Character Death
- Abuse
- Self-Abuse
- Suicide
- Drug and Alcohol Abuse
- Mental Health Issues

- Angst
- AU
- Friendship
- Crossover
- POV First Person
- Character x Reader Fiction
- Drabble
- Drama
- OOC (Out of Character) ..

As a final note, please bear in mind when submitting your literary work that the general club rules for submissions still apply.
If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to ask :)
More Journal Entries


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