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Gone and forgotten by DartGarry
The First Elves - Cuivienyarna by annamare
Curufin by cinq-pathetique
Maglor by EKukanova
Ainulindale ar Valaquenta
Eonwe by Aartipereira
He Who Arises In Might by cssmuse
Manwe by cssmuse
Varda by cssmuse
Quenta Silmarillion
Celegorm the Fair by Mellaril
Laer cu Beleg (large) by Ephaistien
The captive by Ephaistien
Brothers by Ephaistien
Quentar Attea Rando - the Second Age
Across Middle-Earth - Eregion by ralphdamiani
Celebrimbor by PunkRanger
Hellfire by anepotter
Silmarillion - Witch-doctor Annatar by IngvildSchageArt
Exar - Miscellaneous
Dark Hound-3D concept by Breogan
Illuin (Spring of Arda) by ivanalekseich
Temple of the Valar by MorellAgrysis
Sauron by Cziiczi
Nyaremaire - Fan Fiction Art and AU
Erza and Eonwe  by Aartipereira
Chibi Varda  by Aartipereira
The Iron Crown (Melkor) by Brunild
The cursed Jewels by Brunild
Nyaremaire II - Graphic Novels
wip - silmarillion - comics by aegeri
Silmarillion 02 PAG 23 by elencarnil
Silmarillion 02 PAG 22 by elencarnil
Silmarillion 02 PAG 21 by elencarnil
Manga and Anime
Duilin and Egalmoth by Windrelyn
Maedhros Chibee by SkyJynx
Tilion by Rina-from-Shire
Sunny day by Rina-from-Shire
Alasse - Humour
Maglor's Parents Discuss his Future Career Options by EEHills
To Thangorodrim, with Pedal Harp by EEHills
Someday My Prince Will Come by YdalirWendigo
Fire-Drake by ScarlettDragon1
Curwi - Artisan Crafts
Tree of Life - leather handbag by Laurefin-Estelinion
eye of the Smaug - hand-painted pendant by Laurefin-Estelinion
Light of Earendil Pendants by AsliBayrak
Forest Treasure - Fern - Fine Silver Necklace by QuintessentialArts
Tanwar - Heraldry, Maps and Family Trees
The continents of Arda by SarkaSkorpikova
Larma-tyalie - Costumes and Cosplay
The shadow of memory. by Fealin-Meril
Sarme - Calligraphy and Typography
Haleth by sipho56
Feanor colour study - animated by BohemianWeasel





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Welcome to the Quenta Silmarillion, sit yourself down by the fire and hear the stories of old.

The Silmarillion-Club is a group centered around the early events from the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien: from the beginning of time up to the ending of the II Age of Sun, described in The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, The Children of Húrin and The History of Middle-Earth

:bulletred: We do not accept art related to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit nor inspired by The Hobbit and LotR movies.

:bulletred: Let me stress it - no movie fanart.

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: Art Submission Guidelines: silmarillion-club.deviantart.c…

:bulletred: Gallery Folders:
:bulletwhite: Ainulindale ar Valaquenta - Music of the Ainur and the Story of the Valar
:bulletwhite: Quenta Silmarillion - the Story of the Silmarils
:bulletwhite: Quentar Attea Rando - the stories of the Second Age
:bulletwhite: Exar - Miscellaneous
:bulletwhite: Nyáremairë - Fan Fiction Art and Graphic Novels
:bulletwhite: Sarme - Calligraphy and Typography
:bulletwhite: Curwi - Artisan Crafts
:bulletwhite: Larma-tyalië - Costumes and Cosplay
:bulletwhite: Parma - Writings (texts)
:bulletwhite: Alasse - Humour
:bulletwhite: Tanwar - Heraldry, Maps and Family Trees
+ In the Favourites - Silmarillion related memes, sketches & WIPs

If you need help with a character's appearance check our Tolkien Illustrator's First Aid Kit
:bulletwhite: Elves silmarillion-club.deviantart.c…
There is a print on demand service called TeeChip which users profit from stolen artwork, sold without artists consent. The most probably it is done by the users, not site runners, but it is quite hard to take a stolen artwork down - judging by comments in journals at dA - which puts owners in question, too. (links to journals & comments below). You will not find the items for sale via search engines on their site, they advertise it on social platforms like Facebook, under the guise of fan pages. Chances are you have already seen it, if not check this group - especially LotR & Hobbit inspired artists:…
or at their page:

Don't buy there and tell others to avoid it! First - images were stolen. If it wasn't enough for a reason - the prints cannot be of a good quality if it is printed from low resolution images saved for web. Google reviews - people who never got their order or received something worse/less than they paid for.

Check if your art is there, inform artists whose work you recognize. And discourage people from buying from that shop!

More about it from people whose work has been stolen and posted for sale at TeeChip:
Warning! Do NOT buy from TeeChip!Hey guys! This is an important message to everyone who enjoys purchasing online goods from artists.
I am mostly copy and pasting this from my instagram:
‼️ WARNING ‼️ 
Hey everyone, I know that many of us here in the art community are aware of a site called TeeChip.
TeeChip is a "company" that profits by stealing and/or tracing artists' work and selling it on t-shirts/mugs/etc without their consent. They then advertise it on platforms like Facebook, under the guise of fan pages.
Well, TeeChip traced my original "Lion Hearted" piece, and advertised it for sale on a Steven Universe page without my consent. As you can see, even putting two distinct watermarks over my piece did not stop someone from using Adobe Illustrator to trace the image itself.

The post on the SU page has since been removed, but the ripoff mug is still very much for sale on the TeeChip site. I am in the process of trying to get it removed
TEECHIP Art ThievesOh great, now it's a freaking best seller
i guess that's why they are ignoring all my emails, they are making too much money off of it.
I've sent them 2 copyright infrigement emails and have received no reply. One was using an online form that was written specifically for this kind of copyright claim and still nothing. I am sick and tired of this artwork being sold. 
That print [link] is a huge print that could have only been printed at that quality if they had the original file, which i only gave via my Patreon campaign 
I'd hate to think someone is my patron just to steal my high quality JPGs and sell them, but i don't see any other explanation for this. Maybe it's a photomanipulation? I don't even know, i

And information what to do:
How To Take Down Art Theft WebsitesNo, this isn't about sending DMCAs to the website that's stealing your art. As if reporting a thief to themself is actually going to work. Here's how to actually hurt them.
Step 1. Look up who hosts their domain using one of the following links:
Step 2. Ignore the physical address and phone numbers, this is only relevent if you have to escalate to a lawyer which you shouldn't need to do unless it's a really extreme case.
DO NOT CONTACT THEM BY THESE MEANS. Calling them to harass them can land you in hot legal water. It's also important not to involve your fans on this crusade, as tempting as it might be. This is a gigantic waste of everyone's time. Only you, the copyright owner, can legally report for infringement.
Step 3. Look for the "domain registrar" and then search up that company's copyright policy page. All domain services have cop

and directly regarding TeeChip site - in a comment by Remiaro…


Another advice and a DMCA letter example you can use - at Tumblr by…

:bulletred: Remember to sign/custom watermark your images - put your name on it. (Also for those who will find your artwork somewhere on the web and will wonder who did it.) Copyrights sign and website URL (if you have one) are a good idea, too. I think dA watermark is not enough in such case. Also with custom watermark you can choose where you want to place it on the image to not disturb the viewing while making it visible.
:bulletred: Don't post high resolution images online - I noticed some of you offer really large scans in download. While I love to check those to see details this way you make it easier for art thieves. Resize images for web and save it in 72 DPI, do not post original scans. Digital artists should resize their images, too. Of course smaller, non-printable images can be stolen and offered in print, too, but nothing good will come in result.
:bulletred: What size to choose for online presentation is another question. Our screens work in higher and higher resolutions, so this is changing.

For more information I recommend these journals :thumbsup:
To Watermark or To Not Watermark.....A few questions to ask yourself first.
A. Do you value your own artwork?
B. Are you proud to tell the world you created your own artwork?
C. Do you value other peoples artwork enough to not steal?
The answer to all of these should be YES!  (If its no MySpace is that way --> :yum: )
Its a sad fact but un-watermarked large pictures are a rippers dream come true... DA is a proven gold mine for anybody wanting to take up art theft as a hobby, and just because you have a written disclaimer in your description stating that your artwork is not to be redistributed hardly makes a difference.  Anybody who has browsed the net or received a dreaded note stating that your art has been ripped will know intimately how disheartening and sickening it is, and what an almost futile fight it is to try and get the artwork removed or the ripper shut down. Watermarks don't have to be horrible clunky things that destroy the artwork its supposed to be protecting, and they really could mean
& ATB - An alternative to watermarks: MetadataWe have all seen watermarks on images, here on dA and around the internet.  And even though they have become a necessary step in the aid of preventing art theft/misuse of art, they are not always ideal.  It's really hard to signature or watermark an icon that is 50x50 pixels and still show it off, for example.  And even in larger pieces of art, sometimes they just look ugly or, like the watermark option offered by dA, take up too much of the image.
So what is the alternative?
Metadata is data that can be added to an image file.  As you will see in my little walk through below, a variety of information can be added, from original artist's name, date of creation and location to terms of use, copyright information to contact information.  This is a handy tool to add ownership of your image to the file without taking anything away from the image; no watermark that could be removed or cropped.  The data added just becomes a part of t

If you don't have a program to edit/watermark artwork use Gimp or Artweaver, they are both free.


And by the way - another warning about a scam page you should be aware of - don't go to that page, just read the journal:[[DON'T CLICK IT!]]Okay so I have seen and been noted about my work being posted and 'sold' on the website -- http:// payposter. com/ DON'T CLICK THE LINK If you find it -- Seriously... Don't.
UPDATE Nov. 7, 2016: Well, after some digging by multiple people [thanks to Kommandant4298 for the link] I believe there's a slightly pinpoint in the direction of their web host --
This isn't a 100% promise this is the best thing to place their hosting site but it's a start. I did a search and did wind up with the same place so maybe? 
The 'Referrals' and such sections DO give a lot of pointers that a lot of activity that goes through is from links and baselines so... 
It's a pretty dec
More Journal Entries


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Hey there, new member here I wanted to ask if I could speak with the founders about a big collaboration I'm opening in 2017. Anyone can join in on this and I wish to be given permission to have my collab journal featured at the appropriate time. I need to reach out to a lot of artists for this collab to be a completed and I would really appreciate it if you hear me out over in notes whenever you like. Have a good day!
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Can someone help me find one particular drawing of Morgoth/Melkor which I once found here on DeviantArt. Its coloured drawing and Morgoth has an elvish pale (almost blue) face with dark yellow eyes and black color around them; he also has a crown with silmarils and black armor with fish scale texture...
Sirielle Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016   Digital Artist
This one? Morgoth by Mara999
Uki1995 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 27, 2016
No. Morgoth's face is pretty beautiful, elvish, with menacing yellow eyes. The upper part of the body is depicted only (like portrait). He has some kind of elongation on right shoulder armour. Face is pale blue, there is some kind of dark coloration around eyes and mouth. Armour is like fish scales but dark-black. Background is blue as far as I remember. It is a very good depiction. I have searched for almost 6 hours today and failed to find it... Really appreciate your interest and effort. *P.s. He has a crown with silmarils of course. 
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